Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Nightmare on Elm Street Toaster!

Look what is coming to the House of Mysterious Secrets August 2013!

He terrorized your dreams while you slept... and now Freddy Krueger haunts your breakfast when you wake up! But don't worry -- while the Springwood Slasher may have felt the burn, your bread and bagels will only endure the perfect amount of heat, toasting the shape of Freddy's signature bladed glove into each slice. UL-tested and approved, our collectible toaster includes illuminated function buttons for Cancel, Reheat, and Frozen. The Nightmare on Elm Street logo appears on its stylish, glossy black finish. Watch out - it's the bastard toast of a thousand loafs!

A Nightmare on Elm Street Toaster!

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Horror S. Thompson said...

That's just...awesome.